About Brynton

Brynton Martel


I’m Brynton,

I am a creator, author, entrepreneur and digital strategist working with 6-8 figure creators and companies. I enjoy building sustainable businesses, streamlining workflow, SEO strategy, marketing automation & content creation, + helping others do the same.

I have a team with over 20+ combined years of experience in design, development, marketing and client retention and we assist creators, entrepreneurs and influencers in elevating their brands, enabling them to become highly-paid and authentic in their field, all while avoiding the use of aggressive marketing strategies or sales funnels.

I have studied & developed unique systems through trial and error, working with over 1000+ clients, customers, students and companies across a variety of industries.

Tap into my Flow Method Course and i’ll teach you how to make a living from your laptop while embodying your authentic, higher self.

Feel free to reach out to me for inquires related to SEO, Web Design + Development, Music Production, Sports Performance + Training, Writing + AI Gen, Sustainable Business + Life Consulting and or general inquiries. I’m always working on new projects. Always in a state of perpetual learning. I love helping people and companies grow and flow. Not tomorrow. Not next year. Today. Right now.

Fun facts

  • I played D2 basketball
  • I taught kids basketball and coding classes
  • I’m a dad
  • Worked with fortune 500 companies
  • I used to meditate 1-3 hours a day 1-mile out to sea